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If it was the other way around, and it was down to me to save your life— and you be honest with me— would you trust me to do it?

I would now. And I’m always honest.

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i think i can accurately say that i can crush a man’s head with my thighs

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#you can practically hear him #’see that rhodey? national. treasure.

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I do not spew profanities. I enunciate them clearly, like a fucking lady.

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"Lately I’ve been spending a good part of nearly every day thinking about love. Romantic love. The kind of love that involves french kissing and mix tapes and spooning in New York City in the summer when it’s by most people’s standards too disgustingly humid to spoon. The kind of love you wanna bring home to your grandma and say, “Grandma, look at this love! Just look at this LOVE!” Lately I’ve been thinking about who I want to love, and how I want to love, and why I want to love the way I want to love, and what I need to learn to love that way, and who I need to become to become the kind of love I want to be…….and when I break it all down, when I whittle it into a single breath, it essentially comes out like this: Before I die, I want to be somebody’s favorite hiding place, the place they can put everything they know they need to survive, every secret, every solitude, every nervous prayer, and be absolutely certain I will keep it safe. I will keep it safe."

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*chants* boys are shitwits and i will not let them distract me from pursuing glorious academic victories


daniel sloss • favourite comedian tbh


daniel sloss • favourite comedian tbh


do you think when fish get thrown back by fishermen, they swim around yelling about alien abductions and the other fish stop talking to them?

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"clean up clean up everybody do your share" what the FUCK is this communist propaganda 

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The battle of love will knock you down
The Battle of Love (1880), Paul Cezanne / Knock You Down, Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo


The battle of love will knock you down

The Battle of Love (1880), Paul Cezanne / Knock You Down, Keri Hilson feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo

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if you are losing weight and getting fit right now and you’re in college, with a job, in your late teens or early twenties, and you are not only struggling with the bullshit that goes with school and work but also trying to get in the best shape of your life while also simultaneously coping with the inner monologue in your head that won’t shut up about your imminent future as an adult in the real world, you get mad props from me.

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Alright, these are kinda adorable…

Much-MUCH better than sad, tortured, & unfortunate Wee Ones staring at the camera hopelessly. THIS might actually help THEM find homes too.

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if i had a dime for everytime an adult man made me feel uncomfortable


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Liz Climo on Tumblr.

this really cheered me up

Second time today

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it’s really funny bc like listening to english majors talk about their classes or projects theyre really articulate and they use complex words and stuff and it’s very prestigious sounding and then you listen to science majors and if theyre just talking amongst themselves it sounds more like “yeah i put the compound in the thing and honestly i was hoping for a little boom but all i got was a sizzle i dont know what i did wrong.”

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